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Giovanni Lawn Care was established in 2010

Giovanni Lawn Care was established in 2010 by it's owner Giovanni Sanchez whom came from very humble beginnings.  Giovanni started in the landscape industry during his teenage years, and continued as a young adult to earn extra money while working a full time manufacturing job.  When he lost his manufacturing job due to the economy crashing, Giovanni found himself working several jobs to make ends meet.

Giovanni began to think of what he could do to earn a living, that he felt passionate about, and that would allow him to provide for his growing family.  Giovanni decided to invest what little he had in a lawn mower, a trailer, and a few other power tools - this was just the beginning.  Giovanni started the business and worked evenings and weekends around the full time position he held at the time.  He worked very hard to please his clients and word spread quickly.  The phone calls started to pour in, and Giovanni found himself working 12 or more hours per day, seven days a week.  He found himself making more important decisions and significant investments, he gave it their all and have not looked back since.

It's been a journey of sacrifices and hard work, but striving for the best is what Giovanni and his family believe in and what their business is all about.  Today, with over 20 years of experience, Giovanni's main focus is to deliver quality work, exceptional service, and green lawns.

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